ElixirConf LA






October 25

14:00 - 15:00

João Britto


20 years ago Erlang/OTP was released as Open Source. And we have a lot to celebrate.

When we are first introduced to Elixir we notice that although it does an excellent job in simplifying and abstracting the thorny parts of the platform, every once in a while we encounter some straight calls to Erlang code. Why do we need them? How do they work? Fear not, for these are in fact the tips of amazing, old, beautiful icebergs.

This talk opens the box of Erlang/OTP and introduces some of the coolest built-in tools and libraries available in a standard Erlang/OTP installation, such as wx, ssh, timer, crypto and digraph. We will go over the most popular ones, without forgetting to stop by the most underground (and often underrated) ones, showing some examples of how they can come in handy in numerous occasions.

Language: In English with Live Translation to Spanish.

October 24-25

Medellín / Colombia.